Monday, March 1, 2010

After all, do you fight by yourself?

After all, it was possible to go to [supo-sutsurabu] only three times in February ‥ Is it [kuu;] that was bad the physical condition and existed in the house though the fourth times started going on the 28th?。

So often when stepping on the scale again in Nautilus room ‥ In addition, it increased and 2.5kg.
[Shobo] [n] ‥
..corbicula.. steadiness and [dawayo] rapidly.

..making fun.. ・・ [uu;] making fun ・・ all eats alone ..getting.. ..drawing out.. ..the cake of [mono].. at the recent wedding or before it sleeps that drank the hot water of ginger with raw sugar.

However, is it movement [kanaa;] after all to endure food for me?。
[N]?It moves more and [naitodamekaa;] ‥.

Incidently, neither Billy, the core rhythm nor Wii Fit were done recently.
Though it encounters and DVD of the yoga bought the other day of , was done
No [-] is possible to do... boiling there are a lot of sitting and ..[-].. obstruct it licking by dogs

It is defeat [nai] in me. [tsunda] [-uo;] []

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