Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mental training

Though it wrote ahead
There was a telephone from the clinic of another waiting by 20 cancellation people yesterday.
Did you do?It became one month earlier than the schedule.

[N]?Then, is it the third continuous next week ‥ It came at last or it commutes in the clinic.
[Uo;] []. [Uo;] [].

Now, and it encounters and it seems to be , so or to lose it, it seems to train emotional ups and downs by the mental training.

When feelings are proud, it seems not to be this time good in the falling translation.
..indifferent one every day.. [iittesa] . without saying "[Uo;]" therefore

[Maa;nee;] and [demonee;]
It : feeling it because it introduces oneself very.

There is convex and a concave [moarutte] person
Do you live?When the [tte] nature does, it is ..becoming it.. [a;] though thinks ‥?。

I am feelings nakedness [damonna] ‥ Do you train for a moment?

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