Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This morning though it worked for a moment by Excel ‥

[Bakaa;] [kuu;] of Excel.
With [aa;ikenai] and [mentore] yesterday
Only having written : to Rina's losing emotional ups and downs.

Incidently ‥,
When the acquaintance ahead said introduction of work and "Not used it at all ..Excel, the word, and Power Point.." in a dignified manner, [goi] that was not [-] ..becoming empty.. was surprised.

Are you surprised so much?
[N]?Designer's person
I think that there are Excel or a lot of people who have not used it.

What do you say ‥ The interest doesn't boil at all.

However, it might be a such a thing remark [tteru] situation ‥ each other !. Let's go to one coin lesson of the school.
No ‥.

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