Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bay quarter ANNEX and korettoma-re

[Iyaa;]?Did you come ..coming..?
Is [yuzawaya] Yokohama [nii;]?Even bay quarter ANNEX.
Falling ・・ [fufufufufufu]
My small bird's wing spot is re-one ‥.

The shop must so often
Mujirushi-Ryohin that often went ahead was lost and it was lonesome.
It cods it [de], and severe [cha] it today ..running...
"Opening on March 19" turns back, is called to stop, and has been heard when the pregnant woman's lowering the paper bag of a no sign ahead, walking, and seeing well though passed once because the place that was written and written was not understood from the Roman alphabet well.
It taught in the pregnant woman and the smile.

It ran with [de] and immediate [chari] [chari].
What is it food [tto], and ‥ manage Marle ‥ each other It is , [korettoma-re].
When you see the guide on the floor apparently
There seem to be Tower Records and Books Kinokuniya ‥, too.

Here [n] is small bird spot [ga].
However ‥,
It is terrible that two commercial establishment opened in Yokohama at the same time today.

It is ..going.. [kanaito] ! in immediate [yuzawaya].

..becoming empty.. .. do not want to drink yet , aspect aspect ..encounter.. sake
[Iyaa;]?Hot water that drinks hot water.
Moreover, the condition of intestines is this time bad and borrowing the porcelain for a long time.

Bay quarter ANNEX is here ↓

[Korettoma-re] is here. Sound of ..encounter.. , [deruyo] ↓

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