Monday, March 22, 2010

It is forgotten to do if it doesn't write in something.

Three consecutive holidays like being bad the condition of the stomach
Do it go to play golf about the hot spring of the Oe door or the night game and did it play after a long time?It was [tte] feeling.

[Iyaa;]?Bad [sattaramo] of condition of that stomach used for hot spring holding bomb however. massaged itWell..recover..good.

It is written to do every day so often.
‥, and if I thus am not driven in, [zu] [ttoyaranaiko] and, after all, [gaarunoyo] as soon as good tomorrow as soon as good tomorrow though [-] is retreating good for the person. think that make "Today does" page

"[Maa;ikka] ..‥.." is also necessary, and it deflects and [narunoyo] ..its word.. . in [datoyaruko] and [gatamatteiya] in overreliance though thought. however

Every day ‥ It does eating, and it sleeps laughingly.
It sleeps when doing so and arranging it as a word though it is a simple thing ‥.

It is idea [youtto] in simplicity or more.

What you want to write has not been understood well ‥.

[Ikka] of ..reeling.. ,

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