Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It went to another clinic that was canceled, waited the other day, and had consulted a physician to hear laboratory results yesterday.

Now is it slightness?‥ Numerical value 1.2 of a nogood, useless line is saying, and when my numerical value is 1.19,

Teacher「[N]?Slightness?[Desune] ‥ The medicine is put out. 」[Tte].
It is [oo;] and medicine [dayoo;].
It is early and is liberating [saretaiyoo;] from every day of this overmedication.

What does the image that flows in [desa] and the waiting room in the clinic say ‥ To only have to make to the image that the mind is relieved more ‥

Is it a seal that runs away by the marine creatures in the sea last time?[Wo] orca?However, is [dai] coming [na] mouth opened and [guo;]?It eats [tte] running after, and do the series yesterday ..insects at the hometown.., there is a frog that ate the insect in the marsh, and the frog hangs on to the giant water bug.
It rages noisily, the frog weakens, and the [teiiku] image.

[Maa;iikedo] ‥

To [de] and going out [tsuide] by the company
It is a sushi shop that always goes after a long time and [chikuttona] in the bar at night.

[Iyaa;]?It is good.
Settling down ‥

An after all happy for there were people who were always, too meal is good ‥ It laughed fully after a long time.

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