Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do for enhanced every day?

Because the person was a busy person, meeting was up to ten o'clock though held the meeting of work concurrently with the friend and said to [chiku] and drinking in the evening.

[N]?It ate dinner around seven ....stomach.. [pekorin].. o'clock therefore when waiting until ten o'clock.
However, all asked dishes are delicious.
It has eaten deliciously usually after all until 12 o'clock ‥.
Moreover, it has eaten even the ice cream putting coffee jelly at the end.

[Iyaa;]?Doing ‥
The face is [zouzou] ..rounding.. [ruu;]. ‥ [Aa;]?[Ina] ..having little will power.. , was ..[-].... did not drink sake.

[Nakya] and [omo] were going to do the will of [de] and [konoyowayowa] somehow and to have thought that it did at least today absolutely. It is washing [dawayo] as for a futon cover of [tte] a little while ago and the futon.
[N]?‥ Will I wash male dog [piezoumo] ‥?

To encounter and to drive , me in, "Today does" page was made.

However, is it good ‥ Driving in ‥.

It is trivial book [iterukedo] for , ..↓ each other.. person. this "Today does" page

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