Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slight smell

The drunken man of an unpleasant machine in the evening ‥ It wakes up when sleeping ‥.

It is irritation Eliza [de] and this morning somehow ‥.

It cleans in the favor and [makuridawayo].
[Iyaa;]?Want to clean and mysteriously ..becoming.. when making it to [ira].

Can do nothing but not make the mind settle down because use [aromadei;fuyu;-za-] bought by the other day sale by it about this.
It made it to the smell of lavender ..[de].. for the time being.

However, [desune]?・・
Is dogs' piddle smells slight?‥

Let's this time change the smell.

However, even if what smell is put after all, is it slight ‥?

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