Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The tumbling doll [yade] crab Kimchi of [kudamaruko] was bought.

..reeling.. [-chuu;]. ....[chu].. becoming empty.. ..[u;u;♪].. get drunk

[Tto] works ruggedly at home in the morning today, and it is a tumbling doll and [toiu] of [kudamaruko] in the afternoon.
It goes to buy Kimchi whom the aunt in South Korea is making and the crab Kimchi, and [chikuttona] in the sushi shop in Ebisu to the return according to the company at night.

It is ‥.
[Tteyatterukara]?Isn't it good ‥ [Maa;iiya].

[De] and the sushi shop also have the people always met.
Moreover, it is surprised because there is a president of the design company that received work ahead, too each other.
[Iyaa;]?The president is a business denunciation denunciation as usual ‥.

Do [de], returning, and getting drunk?
Was the crab Kimchi picked up at home?

[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?♪

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