Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is a good material for the body?

I think that I buy pajamas of silk.

Now well. wash dogs yesterdayMale dog [piezouga]
It is not possible to finish subduing one's desires, it bites to hips of the surgical knife dog Pieta, and it rages ‥ It gets excited after it washes why.
It becomes corbicula feeling, and ..referring.. [u;] as soon as eyes also take aim at one's prey. It settled down finally in this morning.
At all
It becomes [kapikapi] by the slaver of [piezou] every time it washes the hair of hips of the Pieta.

[De] and the risked [ggoi] hair that rages and is rolled up come off and it ‥ The hair sticks to the fleece puts on because of static electricity.

‥ It is ..pajamas of silk.. ..purchase.. [outte].
Pajamas of silk are [naindakedosa] , [fu] . in the face.

It was warm, and it was good or thought of the fleece for me with the cold constitution because it became it.
However, it seems to cool the body apparently oppositely because the permeability is not good when examining it on the net.

[N]?‥ The dishabille : thinking it is good in summer.
It was pants + jersey + short bread of the fleece.

[Fu] ..pajamas of silk it... seem good cotton or silk however after all

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