Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Camera apprentice

..raining.. [rutteiukara] from afternoon
It went dogs' strolling in today by Ichi in the morning.

[De] and weeds who were anxious for a long time every time it strolled were taken with the digital camera.

It entitles and "Weed spirit series" [pafu] !.
After [aa;], it doesn't improve to the photograph department page of the room of [kazurin] ‥. Is other pages updated for a long time in recent and [tenaikaranaa;]?
Spottily spottily ‥

..encounter.. ?Without spottily saying
It is [u;] to only have to do that is [ri] when ....desire.. ,.. saying. 。

The cleaning of the ventilating opening also : ..doing today therefore...
Days how many are already painful tomorrow tomorrow that has become it.

The dirt of the window feels like being terrible on the [aa;] this day ‥ [Aa;] [yoro] ‥.

[Uo;] [].

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