Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It is beautiful of the weed.

[Iyaa;]?Weather [gaii] and [ee;ne] after all.

Dogs were released and it challenged the bath so often yesterday.
The surgical knife dog Pieta is [jojo] [ttoyattetawayo] because it made dogs rage this time with the toy before it enters.
[Fu] , preparation is on schedule.

Dumping moves the target thing for the mischief to other rooms, and passes and is [pocho] in the bathtub as for sweets ‥.
The appearance to bite sweets in [poripori] ‥ : to the glass.
However, it finishes eating it with surprising swiftness, and two appearances to look what it is : ‥ It is not possible to do very, and [aa;] [yoro].

It loudly moves by the wagon's for the dog nosing it and ..‥.. Well though it is better than before.
[N]?The mischief continues still.

The image that encountered and the camera after a long time apprentice on , aspect aspect last day took was improved.
Green of the weed is ..beautiful [dayone] [-].. strong.

The room and the photograph department of [kazurin] are here ↓.

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
●File Exchange and Backup Service KD-Server

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