Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you do not effectively spend time

[Uu;]?I think that I drink the hot water.

Unpleasant unpleasant ..encounter.. , last day
It went to the heating pad of Shibuya to which it went waist [gayabai] or always.
[Iyaa;]?It does for about nine months ‥ [Gorrigoridattarashii] ahead by absurd though it was a swordfish swordfish as usual.

It soundly crowded when , ....[bakibaki] adjustment.. making fun.. vespertine.
Recently, it face uped straight in the evening though the face naturally turned to the right for a moment when sleeping.
Moreover, [ppogaamari] doesn't get cold the foot ahead ‥.

[N]?It bought it with [ni] coming [yu;ppa] the other day.
Will I run because there is a running shoe ‥?

Do you go for taking to the police station ahead of time because it can do the license updated the other day ‥?

[Muu;] [mumuu;u] ?

[Yaruko], [hachaccha], [yaranai], and painful forgotten.

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