Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The dog smells and it has smelled like the dog.

The creative impulse : in yesterday's "futsufutsu".
It is button putting of the pair of trousers and ..satisfaction for a moment.. [fu] ..

[Aa;]?[Yuzawaya] and do not want to go by me.
However, is it ..body.. [darudaru]?
It falls behind as everyone also takes care because there seem to be considerably a lot of people who are doing physical condition [kuzu].

It watches television this morning and the cod so often.
The said song flows in "God in the rest room".
There is a person coming out one after another for the song to cry as effective saying either.
Getting [e;]?True [kanaa;]?When effective with think of [tte]
Now it has often cried since the morning because tears fall very much.

It is [a;] ..whether recalled it.. as for the thing of my aunt [chan] though it is lyrics of memories of aunt [chanto].

It was hospitalized in the hospital in the next prefecture by about ten years due to our aunt [chan] and bladder cancer and surroundings were also [te] and aunt [chanmo] serious though it might have been of course serious.
It is an aunt [chan] child and [takaranaa;] ‥.

First of all, the person who lives thinks of [nakyatte] in health so that important people should not feel sorry.

Incidently, when crying
[Fu] - ..overreliance... absorb it [da] ..male dog [piezou].. ..crowding.. [da]

[Itteiinee;] ..no one person it...

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