Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do I want to become it?

From acquaintance's design company
There was mail though the office was moved to home.

Work with home : though experiences and exists also me ‥ First of all, it gives priority to work.
It terribly became irregular and physical condition [kuzu] ended.

It works at 5 AM, there are going to bed and running time between 17 o'clock and the beer time and 22 o'clock, too and even the early to bed and early to rise when worrying about it because the people ahead who did until the middle of the night and writing in return.

[Iyaa;]?Health. !
Is work with home suitable for the person who has a strong will?

I am will [yowayowadakara].
It yields to temptation and it fills with the ice cream one's mouth.

It is [itemo] in [maa;demodoko].
If time is decided for myself, can you do ‥?

[Muu;]?Do you advance smoothly by work if it does very ‥ The person?
Communications skills?



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