Monday, April 26, 2010

Rest room circumstances of Pieta

[Jojo] of the surgical knife dog Pieta had been checked as usual before it slept in the evening.

Then, how [o;]?
[Kira] and the shining one are ..Pieta.. [jojo] [ttoyatteta] translations I am stepping into a bath that are ‥ [-] ..along...

It ..unpleasant unpleasant ,.. deflects, and it goes along very much in the joint of flooring and the cage to think of [itte] though a thick vinyl sheet for a moment on flooring is paved, and a moreover heavy cage is put. however express such a loud voice
The vinyl under shone even in the interior below with [kira] ‥.

[Aa;]?[Moo;]?going? slept soon because of going up in the bath,。
It wiped and it slept to the place in which it was able to wipe it ..cage.. impatience in reality because it was the middle of the night though I wanted to clean [te] thoroughly.

[N]?The Pieta : the painting of flooring.
When time passes because it is strong to do whether it is [**], it remains ‥.

A recent Pieta is often removes the rest room, and [yona] emotionally unstable as [ira].

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