Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rice bran pickle and pickled ume

[Iyaa;]?The surgical knife dog Pieta is [fu] . as usual made [ira].

I want to do the omission pickle early though it has written since the other day so often ‥ "Omission pickle expert" seems not to arrive still.

Though it was going to rely on neither [de] nor the container and to challenge
The rice bran floor is [kakarurashiiwayo] for two weeks until coming to be soaked neatly.
Moreover, even stirring it day and night :.

[N]?‥ After all, is the arrival of "Omission pickle expert" waited for?

‥ The store is fully [kasuggoi] [mayo] ..[attedoregaii].. ..floatage.. - though there is a reason and it looked for the collapsing plum tree eating the pickled ume recently because it is delicious on [te] and the net ..cheap...

Well, if you think about the carriage though it is likely to only have to buy in the supermarket in the vicinity ‥ [Aa;] hesitates.

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