Sunday, May 9, 2010

..mortifying.. [ii;]. [kuu;]・・

When [nashiro] Ishii's Thailand style spring rain salad comes to want to eat, and 10%OFF seal was pasted, let's buy it.
It did not paste it, and it came to want to eat even if [demodo] [-] was done and it bought it by the fixed price ‥ though it solved and it thought.

. ..doing... buy [asaduke] [kerakkyomo] of the new series incidentally savory

Well, after it was delicious of eating [poripori] several times because of the massage, it is a Thailand style spring rain first salad first that ate [rakkyo] in [poripori] at [de] and dinner. [Tte] eating cod.
The taste of [rakkyo] remains ‥.

[Shobo] [n] ‥

It is [kkyo] because it is what no matter what even if it eats the pickled ume it it eats [kkyo] and what.

[Aa;]?‥ Is does it look forward with great pains and [tetanonii;]?

Food where the taste remains is the first eating [chadamedane] [-].

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