Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is not the mosquito really allowed to come near?

[Hafuu;]?‥ Is it fine and [sunoo;] today?。

It goes to Kokomo in Kamakura to extend small bird's wing, and was does it wait while seeing the sea in the window seat and lunch yesterday?[Fuffuu;]?When ♪ [maa;maa;] and it is possible to wait, . ..doing... will wait

It ..[de].. returned and it went to the do-it-yourself store to buy the detergent.
Jeans smell with hesitancy for a moment in recent ‥ Perfume cannot be taken though it washed the other day.
Because falling the color is unpleasant
For a long time though it dobied with the soapless soap ‥ Apparently, do in it?It seems not to fall.

Examine on [de] and the net and the detergent to purchase ‥
Dirt was bought and ..drop.. [sutteiu] [nanokkusu] was bought at enzyme system bleach and the Nano level.
[Tawayo] ..the fall of perfume.. when immediately washing.
[Fuu;]?If the rasp is not washed with the washing machine after all, is it useless ‥.

Deflecting ..encounter.. , and incidentally, the mosquito when the window the other day is opened :.
From it entered to the purchase of the guy who did not allow the mosquito that put it on the veranda to come near either.

It is this because it smell [gado] [-] [noko] [-] of a natural herb. ..‥.. by saying "[Kusa] !" instinctively when it returns thinking and the vinyl of the commodity is opened.
Male dog [piezou] sneezes many times momentarily opening ‥.

After all, is perfume tight though it put on the interior of the veranda because [maa;demo] was bought with great pains?
After all, the screen door credit is not iodinated ‥.

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