Monday, May 31, 2010

The ear cover of [piezou] [you] was made.

When it comes to want to make something as making fun ・・ to which the story of the handicraft was told yesterday is sudden, and it eats the male dog [piezougago] rice ahead
It is recalled to think it is good because it becomes it when there is an ear cover because the hair of the ear sticks to meal.
The tool box is immediately upset, and it is cloth of suitable [detekita] and [chikuchiku] [nu].

If there is a sewing machine though it might be instant in reality ‥ Putting out the sewing machine becomes troublesome and it is hand-sewn.
[Aa;]?Sleep good when after all, there is atelier where something can be done at once

[Iyaa;]?However, was it happy?
When you cover [piezou] with finished [shitano]
[Suggoi] [wara] is gotten and ..becoming it.. [fu] . in happy feelings.

[Demonee;]?It has thought variously today if the usual though it is possible to become "Nothing" when something is made ‥.

[Takaraikka] ..happy... ..reeling.. ,
The ear cover that encountered and made , was improved to the handicraft club.

Is does it see and [cho]? ↓ Here

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