Sunday, May 30, 2010

Handicraft spirit

[Fuu;]?‥ Falling ・・ ..[ittsumo] [puripuri].. to shake and to see here.

Because the face is buried under [no] light ..[pi] food.. ..floatage.. hair on the chest like every day of recent, falling . ..the mind settling down...

So often when you go to the bookstore yesterday
There was a book on the felt made from the dog hair.
It has browsed instinctively.

The version that the dog hair is used and the dog is weeny is made, and ..exchanging.. [ee;] that made small articles. use the hair only of rounding however・・。
After brushing, tonight is immediately [youtto] of rounding as for the hair.

[Uu;]?Does a hot web site : in me now?‥ [Kokodawayo]. ↓

[Iyaa;]?After all, you may go mad.

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