Sunday, May 23, 2010

The first and Nagatanien. ♪ [asa**] spring rain [e;]?♪

Nagatanien. ♪ [asa**] spring rain [e;]?Is the eaten thing in ♪?
Ma-po Dou-fu : me up to now though it is.
Nagatanien. ♪ [asa**] spring rain [e;]?♪ was never turned around and had not been bought.

Because eating was said because it was delicious, [demopie;] [ruga] was bought.
Though it bought ahead for [de] and days how many another
Because it was not going to eat one now, it put it in the groceries corner.

「When it comes on earth when, Nagatanien. ♪ [asa**] spring rain [e;]?It is eating [rundayoo;] as for ♪. 」It was said, and it ate [tte] in daytime today though no feelings of the [asa**] spring rain.

[Iyaa;]?Whether am the taste of feeling and may I exist [nai] [ninaninamen] too much painfully also in meal delicious or not?
It is purchase [chaukaranee;] when my buying it as for the similar by all means one ‥ Is it also occasionally good to buy the one not usually bought?

It is an omission and [furesshunesuba-ga-] after a long time at night.
It is this and a yew when occasionally eating.

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