Monday, May 24, 2010

The march of 365 steps : in the head round and round round and round.

The purse of the strawberry made the other day (↓ ..this it..) for the clinic was taken out at the accounting of [desa] , return of the day of the clinic yesterday.

Then, sleep [changa] of accounting.
「[Aa;]?..loveliness.. [i;desune]. 」Because [tte] was massaged ..saying..
[O] !Do you understand?The loveliness of the purse of sleep [chan] and this strawberry.
Cod and "Heart of the T-shirt" ‥ are T-shirts of Comme des Garcons that I put on and [tte] [tawayo] with pleasure.
[Nandaa;] ‥?

T-shirt that actually falls in love with the heart and buys [naindakedosa] , : Comme des Garcons to me in feeling.

Because it was a massage of [de] and sleep [chan] at which it smiled to one's heart's content ‥ It came back as [otona] there as I also smiled to one's heart's content though it was not feelings at which it smiled very much at that time.

Was it ..,.. dark, wasn't there other way ..reeling.. ..face [shitetemo].., and was it saved by sleep [chan] of sleep ‥ of that for a moment?

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