Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something feared time

[Iyaa;]?Just one year ago
..effort.. [shitandayone] [-]. male dog [piezou]

Is it still safe in the dog run because it rages with the surgical knife dog Pieta to one's heart's content in [naindakedosa] it is possible to run , room?
[Fuu;]?It operates three times, and it has taken one year.

Two was put in the cage because dogs got excited because the aunt of Duskin came suddenly [desa] and yesterday.
Well because [-] it is possible to put out makes noise however with [poi] when putting it. the chewing gum with a long and slender sweetsThe aunt of Duskin was surprised to struggle and to rage, too.

When thinking that sweets are taken after [de] and the aunt return

[Noo;]?The chewing gum is caught to the throat and re-veterinary hospital sending [ka] ! surely. ?It became scary [tte].
..scaring.. [indayone] [-]. there seems to be something at this time ..what it is..

[Maa;bibirii;]?[Indakedosa] is.. . of [ninattetemo]

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