Sunday, May 2, 2010

It suddenly : for a moment though it thinks.

It went to the veterinary hospital to get dogs' filariae's medicines yesterday.

[Desa]?Wait sitting on the bench on the outside because it crowded and descend from ..street [taocchan].. bicycle and while feeling after dogs ..a cod, and presence severe [wocha] it..
「Is there ten-year-old Shih Tzu?Is it an injection with rabies today?」For a long

Afterwards, the hand is put in the [occhan] pocket.
This ? because it massaged it. serve sweets to dog's .."Love [] that is dog's sweets".. mouth when thinking what you put out[**pa] [kuttoikimasuyo]. a after

It is [occhande] of street [sugari], the translation that doesn't understand if there is something whom where, and ‥ Worry too much : though might think. after another..poison..sweets...scaring.. []. [Purupuru] trembled imagining [tte] without permission.

Because ? ..doing... A strange event is a lot of.. [ishisa] . now.
When saying the encounter however, the judgment at refusal [zuraishi] and the moment is ..difficulty.. [iyone] [-].

Even [pie;] [ruga] "You only have to put out your mouth and to eat [pakutte] at such time" : though it ..evasion [surebaiikanee;tte].. spoke very afterwards.
At all ‥

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