Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slow lunch ♪ [fuffuu;]?♪


Holiday is inadvertently waited for though it massages as always taking a rest.

[Iyaa;]?It is a lunch of the Italian. see the sea yesterday[Fuffuu;]?After all, is it good? ♪It waits and lunch.
It was a shop that was found in the dog-walking and anxious for a long time.

It is high, and the ceiling is glazed and pleasant.
Moreover, there is not a person so much because he or she is in the place not understood easily either.

Incidently, non-alcohol
It is surprised because there is saying the sparking wine.
There is variously non-alcohol ‥.

..encounter.. for about , aspect aspect the fourth
‥ some entering in the right eye it It is seeing [temonaindayona] ‥ [Uu;]?There is a sense of incompatibility and it is unpleasant ..it is...
Let's go to the ophthalmology department tomorrow.
Oh, it is [ruka] when crying bitterly it is possible to take.
Is DVD that can cry seen ‥?

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