Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It was shouted by the child.

Is it unpleasant with hesitancy?Wife of ..your may being to hear.. ,.

Today's general hospital that goes to hospital.
Waiting room..passage..walk..translation..retreat..kick..terrible..full is running away [tanoyo] ! the girl's like the third grade of elementary school pushing me for a moment when turning around thinking.

Full voice..naturally..waiting room..wait..young and and woman..all

It goes to mother (one's thirties of []-hepar gem style) running ..only the girl and [tta]... 「Removing [] because it is obstructive. [Tte] was said. 」[Tte] report.

Mother "[Mota] [shiteru] was [indayo] that was [-] [daso] [-] ..along.. ..bad.." was said then in this and a big voice.

Isn't it terrible?
[Kedoo;ooo] that is hospital

It worries about that girl's future it is what.
[Fuu;]?‥ It is shouted by the child and the girl who doesn't know surely.
..disappointing.. - it is what.

[Aa;]?[Tto] that thinks happy thoughts

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