Monday, May 17, 2010

The update had been cut yesterday.


It is lonesome for a moment yesterday and dogs understand when ..[tesa].. low-spirited.

It prints, it snuggles so that the surgical knife dog Pieta should not come even if it always calls, it comes, and the face is [berroberronamemakuri]. see here by tiny eyes
Though it is seen and it becomes ..male dog [piezou].. jealousy a dog.

Male dog [piezouha] and light hair on the chest are good.
"Hey, when the face is buried under my hair on the chest, it is good" is said sleeping with ..dripping.. [yoko] as a colon on the bed because of turning up, and it thinks and [wazugaba] and the face have been buried ‥.

It is falling updated while hearing the sound of the waves with YouTube today ・・.

If the same time is spent anyway ..the desire.. ..[kedosa] ,.., it is ..enjoyment.. [moutte] always.

Well, the no use of thinking it :.
[Terundakedosa] of will having . about which it doesn't think。
It is [-ru], and [umu]. ..[tte].. persuade

Let's reel and assume , to be good because it is healthy.

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