Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The catnap on the floor is [iinoka] really - in the body.

The head, the neck, the shoulder, and the waist : yesterday's heating pad with hesitancy ‥ Is even if it touches in the body with the swordfish swordfish where, it painful [fuu;]?
However, it lightened for a moment.

It returned eating the soccer match drinking with seeing [rutte], [chiku], and [tsuman] though it went to the sushi shop in Ebisu at [de] and night.

[Ou] -
It took a nap for 30 minutes with the flooring of living because it is sleepy a little while ago, and because the dog hair was terrible, only the garbage bag of 45L is paved.

Well then, hips :. Painful.Should not be painful [dameda] [tou], too and, after all, pave something by you.
However, hardening says, and : saying spottily spottily ‥ for the body.

Even ..encounter.. , : to the body of ..male dog [piezou].. [watashi].
[Pi] slept a little drawing close, and it though it was unrefined hot in the hair ‥ [Kawaee;]?[Yatsuyonoo;]?[Fu] .

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