Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yukichi and Yukichi

[Kaa;] in July ‥ It is early.
It is [] as for July. It is a sale so.

It began for a moment to turn it over in Yokohama because there were an anxious shoes in Camper this morning though it was troublesome.
[Iyaa;]?The person was terrible ‥.

[Desa] and the shoes exist and it though it put on
It is sale and 20,000 yen [tteiinoka] ! in shoes of the type not bought up to now. ?
It asks [tte] me and it does ‥.

[Iyaa;]?Only T-shirt of 1,480 yen at the boast recentness is ‥ and : ....making fun.. shopping for each every of the 1 [man;en] not bought...

It hesitates hesitatingly.
It quietly returns and coming back [tawayo]. [Kuu;] ‥?
It is [] that I of this worldly desires school gang leader have quietly returned it [desuyo] me.

[Uu;]?It buys and [wanakuteyokattanda] [-] has been persuaded in how much [maa;demo] up to now even though it hesitates even though shoes of the type not bought.

The bread of the breakfast was bought [de] and [depa] underground, and it came back lonesomely.

[Uo] and [uoo;] [].

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