Monday, June 14, 2010

Dog situation

My schedule during a day
It decides depending on the weather on the day and the [jojo] [ttoyaru] time of male dog [piezou].
Moreover, the time of the stroll is a morning because it has become hot recently or it is a summer time in the evening.

It had not entered [kure-to] when the [piezoumo] surgical knife dog Pieta slept recently, too so often ‥. Wax what.

Because [kure-to] is narrow, is it hot ‥?
Or, do it become supine on the bed before it sleeps and do it wait, do it sleep, and is it pleasant ‥?

However, if sweets had been shown in [puitte] ahead, I opened the door of [kure-to] by the nose in power good [kupa] [ntte] in feeling and had entered "If so, the talk is another [dawayo]" from myself in the Pieta.

It rolls it up in the attitude .."It is [-], and ! it is and as soon as" in the evening.. running away ..will not hang on...

[Muu;]?Did you get tired of sweets ‥ It is what ‥.

Does the dog only have to be able also to speak?

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