Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Shibuya after a long time, it was hot.

[Iyaa;]?It was happy in the evening ‥ It is Shibuya after a long time.

After it becomes [choi] and a Nola cat, it is [chikuttona] in the sushi shop in Ebisu.
[Moo;] sake [i;] after a long time? [aa;]It is ..cooling.. [dawayo] in the sushi after all.
[N]?Squid's offing pickle and slices of raw fish. Say..fall asleep.

Does it become the next with the teacher of [de] and the cardiac surgery that often meets, and why does "[Rabuagein]" become the story of the said drama though the seriously speaking was most?Teacher..why..such..talk..spottily..say..happy..recent..alumni association..one's first crush..story..do.
Is the story of the [fufu] drama gentlemen usual as for the teacher and [sunoo;]?。

[Ba] afterwards?‥

Let's go one of these days of [maa;mata].

[Aa;]?Happy [fuffuu;]?♪

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