Monday, June 21, 2010

First IKEA.

From that to IKEA ..going.. yesterday.

[Iyaa;]?In driving after a long time,
Moreover, because it is not understood easily what the road in Yokohama is ‥ It is hesitation [tawayo] though there is Nabis.
[Umu] assumed to be well good because it has gone safely.

Have you seen easily unexpectedly ..[de] and first IKEA..?
[Muu;]?Though it was thought that it had gotten excited for a moment.
After all, [yuzawaya] gets excited it might be what. 。
[N] encounters and to being able to enjoy kids corner also with , most?Falling ・・. shall not eternal child it

[Kae] made fun ..the tension.. and went strolling of dogs in spite of tired out by ..[desa].. driving.
Going out shall not be one place a day after all.

Today though it thought in Nautilus room
It takes two and a half hours when going to the general hospital a little while ago, it doesn't turn over, and it comes.
[N]?Is today made only a sale of the time of the supermarket?

[Aa;]?Be not sweet in me.

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