Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The egg ‥


While making the meat stuff of the green pepper
It is a discontented peak that cannot start yet though I want to run.

It is eight o'clock how when whiffing the preparation for [de] and dinner ends and it is thought that it clocks.
[Aa;]?It is [ru] ..eating.. ..slowing.. when being run in the future.
It began to eat meal obediently.
I today am painful, and [fu] . that bears "Regular life" in mind.

It spottily strikes it spottily.

! ..it is..The poached egg was made with the microwave oven in the way to teach how of the other day to make it so often.

It is [-], [-] ..along.. ..along.., and [chattesa] [-] ..the crack of the egg...
It made from power to have gotten drunk, and ‥ [dawayo] lonesomely. pleasant
The microwave oven is cleaned thoroughly there.



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