Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movement restart.

While making them refute the heart tapir in the evening
It is another time challenge [shitawayo] in the poached egg.
[Iyaa;]?It is [bibiritsutsu] and [kitasa].

..hearing.. [yo] ! that along of , aspect ..encounter..
Ago, clothes that had been put on cleaning thrusting in [te] and old times often fully swept the skirt that was for [tekite] about six years.

? ..along..[O;] [] how ..doing...
Surprise [dawayo].
It is [nanoo;] having stopped with the thigh.
However, [] & [shobo] [n] that is not [-] ‥.

[Uu;]?It did not hesitate after the cleaning and it said to the swim.
It is swimming ..making fun.. , in ..[demosademosa] [hisashi].. yellowtail.
Water became scary for a moment and crawl was tight.

[Uu;] ‥ Though it swam while always laughing ‥ [Shobo] [n].

[Uu;demo] defeat [nai].
When doing even if it sees it so, done [nanoyo] Onna.
It is ..going.. [kunoda] ! in the yoga today therefore.

[Uo;] [].

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