Friday, June 25, 2010

No target -3kg for the time being.

[Iyaa;]?In Nautilus room the other day
Pilates runs for 20 minutes and is swim [dawayo] afterwards.

The soccer match is seen in [de] and the middle of the night and though it was lack of sleep
The telephone of [boutteo] invitation hangs in the wholesale store in 8 AM in Friday from mother. Suddenly..hold..wholesale store..go..evening..wander about..return..go walk the dog.Active every day has been spent after a long time.

, aspect aspect Pilates and [ttete] encounter
Is it [nattesa] [-] [muu;] in [tsurisou] many times such as the back or legs?[Nama] [choru] and [hanee;]. such a body・・

[Oo;]?Be so, and the tea [shite] cake set, eaten with mother, and yesterday "Do it swell?""..thinking.. [suruu;] that hips grew?"

When thinking ‥ whether it is + as much as 10kg from the university ‥ [Guoo;] [].

[Yoshi]. It is a yoga today.

[Uoo;] [].

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