Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It is ..person.. damaged the person is healed by the person, and [nandakanda] , person and ‥ what. The person ..difficult...

[Iyaa;]?It finished operating yesterday safe. [Fuu;] ‥
Because it was the same teacher as last time
There is slightly consideration as having made it lightly and the pain has been understood.
However, it was easy during after the operation.

However, the people in the room ‥.
Eyes are not matched, and it begins to weep many times aloud even if greeting it as child in his/her thirties and [suggoibusu] [] ..master's holding, too...

It disregards it even if a person in his/her seventies also matches his eyes and it greets it.
[Zu] [tto] humming is sung and it speaks up ..inside.. wandering wandering in carrying.
Rattling it enters the rest room turning on the electric light and [reba] someone begins to do the knob suddenly.

The bathroom keeps quiet so as not to trouble you as much as possible in that situation, and, next, : for the user though lightly cleaned ‥.

What is it?I sickened oppositely it took care with the person too much or was what.

True these kind of things are writing [terunomonee;] though doesn't want to write by me ‥ Oh. It is weeny or is myself. ?
Do you want to become easier [uu;]?・・

Reeling unfriendly because it is , sick person is natural. [Nanokana].

[Maa;demo] teacher and nurse were good because of reliable person.

It is because of being in seeming , it so ..the encounter.. ..[kazurin].. ..260 pieces...
Painful to think about certain ..[iyaa;].. a little.
[Fu] , [fufufu] -

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