Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Aunt" is an aunt when.

Dogs were taken and it went out to the Negishi park for a moment today.

By a couple in their sixties who sat on the bench though the talk is occasionally told when passing with the person who is taking [desa] and the dog
A big dog approached here sitting because it saw and it talked with the married couple.

Do [iitasouna] [kao] seeing the face of [de] and the me dog [gaji] [tto] big ..something.., and to the aunt the dog afterwards toward ..the aunt.. dog it when it approaches
「It was good. It was possible to talk with the aunt. 」It is [naino] ! of [tte] saying.
The ear was doubted momentarily.

Getting [e;].
The aunt ‥ Is the aunt me?

[Ussoo;] [n] ‥

..saying.. [-] and the aunt certainly said.

What is it?‥

When it puts on jeans, it is [nainoka] . in T-shirt.

[Shobo]?[N] ‥

Do you see it so?・・
Well, [iinodakedosa] ..[reba].. . then. think of "Sleep" by me
It ..,.. says. Do the stretch of the face and with ..dependence.. [-].

It is ..hospitalization.. ..becoming empty.. . on along Monday ..the encounter.. .., aspect.. by one night stay.

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