Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rodin (expansion work)

It went to National Museum of Western Art in Ueno today.

The Matsukata collection of the permanent exhibition is seen and a new discovery is [].
Rodin's "Person who thinks" is , is...
..cod "Person (expansion Composition) who thinks".. [n] ..writing... ..exhibition [saretete].. see on the outsideIt thought of expansion [tte].

What is the expansion?Any thing that it is made to be become independent originally in center of "Gates of hell" and [tte] sculpture apprentice [nopie;] [runi] was expanded when hearing it.
Whether it had known such a thing was surprised ‥ Apparently, it seems to be common sense.

Does everyone know?

However, it comes to go to the world temple on one's return and to want to go to buy painting materials if the picture is seen.

Do with [maa;ki] though it is likely to satisfy because it buys it?。
Even if it is possible to become such feelings.

It was happy to go out after a long time today ‥.

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