Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shaking girl's mind. [Fu] -

Though it is continuation of yesterday's story ‥
Now, and not meeting person after all will not meet to the person recently and see , ..saying.. ..encounter.. , actually feeling that it is tight that it is seen by a terrible person because it doesn't take the train?[Hahaha].

What do you say ‥?
It was thought that the face ..[zouzou].. rounded, and weight increased, too and the face down in the train for a long time.

[Muu;]?However, should I go out after all in various meanings?
However, it is however tight in opposite that it meets the person ahead of that.
[N]?‥ It is difficult.

Fireworks go up in the vicinity, do ..boiling.. ..[-].. affray of dogs in the room, it rolls up in the evening so often, and Now the surgical knife dog Pieta is [bibiri] in the sound of fireworks as usual. It gets on on [de] my knee for a long time and [te] ‥ Falling ,. [Kawaee;]?[Yatsuyonoo;].
After all, it is a girl though it is always only a mischief.

[Aa;]?If it ..[inunio].. becomes slowly and it doesn't wash because it came.

I do not want must to differ occasionally. ・・

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