Sunday, July 4, 2010

Also in the evening

The half [udauda] turning over in bed of 2 time was stricken in the evening of what ..not holding.. ..putting out...
And, male dog [piezoumo] was noisily done after all.

Moreover, occurrences and earlier than alarm clocks ‥ It is [korehasugoiko] and [nanoyo] for [iyaa;] me.

It spottily strikes it the strike of [uu;].

The memory that it is not possible to sleep up to now ‥
Not being possible to sleep for about ten minutes because I am glad the day before of the athletic meet at the elementary school.
[N]?It is not separately a translation to which some something to worry about is done.

It occurs, and it prepares and the cod of the breakfast [desa].
It vomits three times, and, this time, the surgical knife dog Pieta is vomiting [tawayo] from after a while. ..[piezou].. [kepokkepo]

[Uu;] ‥
It is what on earth.

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
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