Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not being possible to sleep

[Iyaa;]?It was not possible to sleep for one hour or more in the evening so that it may get into bed and [depu] [pu] may sleep for three seconds if the usual.

It was possible to laugh by noisily doing the turning over in bed creak in male dog [piezoumo] [kure-to] every time I turned over in bed and struck it.
It occurs about five times in the middle of the night when thinking that [desa] and [tto] slept.

Wax what ‥
Well because it was hot. put the air conditioner
[Muu;]?It is ..some problem.. [arunoka] ! to yesterday's action. ?

The work of the proofreading was done for a long time in daytime yesterday.

It is a good sweat or is and run [ttekuruka] in sweat [kakitsuide].
It ran for 20 minutes thinking of [tte] ‥.

[Aa;]?Cannot you sleep by moving the body too much?
No, it is sure to become sleepy oppositely when moving it ‥.


Sleep is important [dayona] ‥.

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