Monday, July 19, 2010

Asked [piezou]

When dogs and the ball play are done by the dog run of shade and it ..[te].. returns, it falls 3 and four ..[nari].. times of [] ..falling.. ..falling.. ..[].. and the surprise of gargle and ..male dog [pi] food.. coming at Sunday morning.

When it calls the veterinary hospital where always it returns to the house and , is always tentatively always indebted ..doing.., it is ‥ ..referring.. [u;] that has become hospitalization at half a day. 。
Though it was ..encounter.. ..,.. after all good because it was unquestionable.

Is Monday does come to the house to play by Mr. and Mrs. coach in the golf studio and an Italian night?[Fuffuu;]?It was happy to laugh because it ate drinking ♪.

When it encounters and [,pi] [ezou] , guest is invited
Foot's it makes noise in scissors [dekyankyan] and surprise at the door of the door.

..possession.. ?


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