Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stomach muscles?There was [ni] change a little.

[Kirarii;] [n].
[Fu] , [fufufufufufufufufu] -

[Iyaa;]?It hears and [yo] !.
Stomach muscles ..encounter.. mean , unpleasant stomach muscles or ..can hollow for a moment.. [tanoyo] !. horizontal [ccho] of [poko] and the [shiteta] stomach
[Kiraa;]?[N] and [fu] .

Well. Weight is an increasing translation though externals do not change at all if it puts on clothes. 。
However,, Stomach muscles..crack.[Uo;].

So often when you call mother a little while ago
Classmate's master seems to die and to go to wake for the dead.
"Think a day of a day to be important because it cried that it became this age because one year of one year was importantly very said" was said.


[Go-go-gogo-] [cha] [chaccha] [cha♪] [go-go-gogo-] [cha] [chacchacha] ♪ L・O・V・E and coming [n;youbi]. [Fuffuu;]?

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