Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The accent is also occasionally necessary for life.

It returned from friend's house.
[Iyaa;]?Dog three two +-year-old boy is lively. ・・

Incidently, I was said though settled down.
"..furnace [koko] [gyou] long ages roughness interest that.. [-] ..along.." student Remark [ttetarashii] ..[ttewa] [-].. .
Does the person ..settling down.. ..[kumon].. ..[sunoo;].. miss it?(eyes that see distance)

Do you return [demotte] usually?
It shopped for dinner in the supermarket where Yokohama Station existed in the return under the soil.
Vegetable or a variety of ..cheapness.. [inoyo] ! though it is the under at Yokohama Station.
The echalote is 105 yen [dawayo].

Dinner on [sateto] [ima] day
It scallop's is slices of raw fish and yakitori. do about the mushroom and the chicken minced meat [noshu] dance length potato (new work)


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