Sunday, July 25, 2010

Does everyone think about the same thing?

[Oo;] ‥ It is already Sunday night.

Now very much when you put the telephone of the eel in Yokohama and the reservation before it encounters, it thinks the eel eel to go [chiku] and eating on the weekend because the affray the other day of ,, and it goes tentatively. It is not when waiting by about 30 people ‥.

When you call a different shop
This [ttesa] [-] surprise for which it waits by about 80 people.
It was stopped to go naturally.

The eel was bought in the supermarket ..[de].. after all and it ate at home.
It is cooling and [chikuttosa].
Well, may eating panicking in a crowded shop settle down the house?
When having settled down for a moment, ..going.. [koutto] wetly.

It is this roasting without scorching and [chikuttona].

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