Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I will get over summer.

[Iyaa;]?, ..doing... about one month bad the condition of the stomach
..tired out.. [ttaramo] at yesterday morning moreover. It feels that it is not usual and is very cold in the under from the knee recently.

This went to the internal medicine department selfishly trowing to look after for a moment once in the hospital.
The irritability gastroenteritis is ? ..doing...

It doesn't work recently, and by looking after dogs and making dinner ‥ though it was asked that the teacher had the stress

[N] though getting cold the foot is not thought that the air conditioner is good? an air conditioner..very

[Iyaa;]?Is it [desunoo;] of the keep well as for summer?

Meat after all?
Eel of ..encounter.. , [moi] ?Sleep. ♪
Is it a beer to the switch as for roasting without scorching?
Is ..encounter.. , cold sake not to think of [itte]? want to drink recently the beer


Because it thinks of [itte] ..reeling and wanting drink , sake.. Is it vigour?
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