Monday, July 12, 2010

Virtual experience [peropero]

[Iyaa;]?Did you go from the friend drinking with [attechiku] ..the report.. yesterday by chance?
It is occasionally good after all.

[Ppuri] is licking terrible recently of the surgical knife dog Pieta so often.
Especially, I seem to like to have the face licking.

It trows, and [desa] is so. . of that licked [wo] in everyone.

Is it so?
If [wo] can licking take a picture to the seat of the transparency with the video, let's improve to the net ‥ Now, and it seems to be improved previously by someone and worrying ‥ when it entitles and "Virtual experience [peropero] of the surgical knife dog Pieta" this is written how might

The search lever is [tto] as for the transparent one that it is possible to take a picture in the do-it-yourself store.

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