Sunday, June 5, 2011

The body is heavy.

Though it improves sneaking about to You Tube ‥ Quite, though the [kawaee;] animation cannot be taken ‥ Timing is difficult.

Well, and it is long without the meaning, there no [ochi], and [ikka] from ..taking.. [routoshiteru] because it doesn't edit it moreover usually casually.

It struck it though it went to strike golf on food [tto] and the weekend though it was [suggoi] [nemu] [kuteyoroyoroshi].

..making fun.. , recently that doesn't move
Face round [ishi], and it is a corbicula and a corbicula feeling heavy, sleepily, and heavily, and.
Does [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson's DVD move after a long time while seeing today?

It understands, and it understands.
It is ..useless.. [itte] if it doesn't do somehow for myself.
It is inadvertently defeated at me though it understands ‥ [Uu;]?[Uu;uu]

Is it study of the edit for the time being??
It is volume [muka] , it is and ahead of that as for the belly rolling.
With hesitancy ‥ No DVD of [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson.

[Uo;] [uo] [uoo;]

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