Monday, June 6, 2011

Is it a party after a long time tonight?[Fuffuu;]?

[Iyaa;]?Moved after a long time, and with [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson's DVD.

It sweats comparatively as time is short and [yonaa;] that will be [ittsumo] muscular pain the next day.
Therefore, movement is slow what also to be done by muscular pain today ‥ If [aa;] doesn't move, it is eruptive [butsubutsu].

It goes to the showroom in an old company to play food [tto] and today.
The chance talked about [bucho]'s face in seeing together after a long time because the girl who had come out was the same company in "Was it a friend?", too when Facebook was registered ahead and it talked about the line long ages.

I register in Facebook by chance.
The friend is found by chance, and [chiku] and the line long ages become it by chance.
However, at the drop of a hat
The flow might change, and it mysteriously.
Well, because the flow stagnated recently, is it good?

Do because it is Aoyama specially and after a long time?[Rururuu;]?♪
Let's go to furniture manufacturer's showroom. The enjoyment?[Ruruu;]?Is it such ♪ occasionally [kotomonaitonee;]?[Ruruu;]?♪

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